We offer three main services;

Technical Aid

Peace of Mind and Access to highly skilled technology professionals...
Whatever the software or hardware problem, we will help you or your company solve it fast. We provide both emergency and non-emergency technical assistance, and using our wide partner base can find you whatever you need to solve the problem in minutes. We will also work closely with your IT personnel to ensure the incident does not recur.

Project Consulting

Lets do the Heavy Lifting for you and work out all the technical jargon...
Take advantage of our wide expertise and partner base to ensure your projects are implemented the right way. We are passionate about technology and simply want things done right. This will include such things as consulting on major purchases, system/network installation and testing, major disaster prevention and recovery, windows and web application development, etc. We have a dedicated team of developers ready to take on any challenge you may present to them so just imagine what you want and let us make it a reality.

Application Development

Customized Solutions, tailor made to solve your unique problem...
We also offer the more traditional form of consulting, including regular system maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, and network administration. Our particular area of expertise is in management consulting with regard to Information Systems and Networking. We undertake system setup and supervision, system re-engineering and optimization, network administration and penetration testing, network setup and administration, Telecommunication setup and administration, end-user and technical staff training and mentorship, to mention but a few.